Cotten's Campground

Campground & RV Park Rules

Rules and Regulations of the campgrounds
Welcome to Cotten’s Campground. We want you to enjoy your stay with us and we want to enjoy you being here. In order for this to happen we must have Rules. If you do not abide by the rules you will be asked to leave. The campground will not be held responsible or liable for your camper, the resident, or visitors under any circumstance.

Campground Reservations
Reservations are to be made by phone or in person. If you cannot keep your reservation, please call us in advance to let us know that you will not be coming. When departing please give as much notice as possible.

Campground Rates
Rates are based on the size of the camper / RV and the number of people staying. We do not allow others to use your camper.

Pay your rent on the day it’s due or before. There is a $5.00 late fee for bills not paid on time.

The campground operates on a septic system.
  • Do not let water run at night to prevent freezing.
  • No washing of vehicles or campers.
  • Renter with washer and dryer need to notify owners.
  • There is an additional charge for electric heaters.
  • Do not dig or drive stakes without permission

Pets need to be authorized prior to arrival.

Keep all trash picked up around your camper. Trash cans are conveniently located through out the facility.

Park in designated areas at your camper. Do not park on the grass.

Personal Conduct at our campgrounds
  • NO Drinking Alcohol outside of the camper.
  • NO Drugs or Illegal Activity of any kind
  • NO Loud Music *NO Ring Fires

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